The financial centre Switzerland is still deemed to be the first address in the world, as the Swiss banking secret is after all intact – as long as there is no criminal procedure in course against the investor. About a third of the worldwide private capital is administrated in Switzerland.

Who should be surprised? “The contravention against financial interests of the European Union is no money-laundry delict in Switzerland”, emphasises for example Mrs. Dina Balleyguier, head of the board of control to combat the moneylaundering. Concisely: Foreign tax investigators obtain no information, because according to the Swiss way of understanding tax avoided moneys are legally obtained, but simply not declared and therefore protected by the bank secrecy.

But the Swiss bank secrecy is not only some sort of instrument in order to attract foreign customers. No: It is a firm element of the democratic tradition of the country. It belongs firmly to the Swiss conception of privacy protection and personal rights and is an expression of mutual confidence between the state and the citizens.

Switzerland as well qualifies outstandingly well for a principal office of foreign companies.

Should you for example choose your principal office in the Canton Zug you will realise that you are in good company. The canton Zug is located in the heart of Europe and Switzerland. Zug is the smallest canton in Switzerland, with a surface of 240 km2 and about 90’000 inhabitants.

The political climate in the canton Zug is business and enterpriser friendly since decades. Solid political circumstances, a transparent legal system, the general security as well as a healthy financial situation, guarantee business friendly premises.

Internationally compared, the tax burden of Switzerland belongs to the lowest. Thereto the privileged taxation of foreign governed businesses with mainly foreign business activity (mixed corporations) as well as of Holding companies has contributed considerably.

Please do click on the following link of the Federal Tax Administration and find out by yourself, how much tax you would have to pay for your income in Switzerland, respectively could be able to save completely without complicated tax saving models.

Likewise wealthy foreigners in some cantons of Switzerland have the possibility to arrange a flat rate taxation agreement with the revenue office. Due to these favourable general conditions, Switzerland has a participation of foreigners amongst the rich of 50%. Michael Schumachers’ estimated 900 Million Francs are “peanuts” compared to Formel-1-Manager Bernie Ecclestone, who lives in Gstaad (canton Bern). He, as well as Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad, bring it up to some billions. Kamprad by the way, as well as Schumacher, lives in the canton Waadt.

Indifferently to how the particular location factors as e.g. quality of life, tax burden, bank secret, infrastructure, geographical position, legal security, employment market, etc., are weighed, Switzerland is and stays an extremely interesting option.